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Summary: Session 5
User Perspectives

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FERROL ROBINSON, Moderator (Bio)
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

KEN BUCKEYE, Panelist (Bio)
Minnesota Department of Transportation

DARRIN ROTH, Panelist (Bio)
American Trucking Association

JILL INGRASSIA, Panelist (Bio)
American Automobile Association

DAVE HUBER, Panelist (Bio)
GMAC Insurance

Transportation system users represent diverse interests and perspectives on mileage-based user fees. This session focused on commercial vehicle interests as well as others who have a stake in the financial and operational health of the surface transportation system.

Ken Buckeye

PowerPoint Presentation: State DOT Perspective of Mileage Fee Reaction from Trucking Firms

The Minnesota Department of Transportation conducted a study on distance-based truck fees

The following industry objections were noted from the Minnesota study:

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Darrin Roth

PowerPoint Presentation: Trucking Association Perspective

The American Trucking Associations offered a highly skeptical view of vehicle mileage fees.
Trucking associations still need to be convinced that the fuel tax needs to be replaced. The following policy areas need consideration with respect to mileage fees:

The penetration of electric vehicles and hybrids into the market will be a lot slower than estimated.

The fuel tax is a viable funding source for the medium term.

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Jill Ingrassia

PowerPoint Presentation: Automobile User Perspective

The American Automobile Association offered a perspective that was favorable to vehicle mileage fees, particularly on the grounds that drivers of electric vehicles do not pay a fuel tax. Various industry groups have typically supported a gas tax increase during a short-term period and want to consider a different fee system for the long-term future. AAA believes that a new vision is needed for the transportation system and is disappointed by the fact that little progress has been made.

A motorist bill of rights was adopted by AAA, where policy principles in regard to transportation finance were outlined for the implementation of any new revenue collection system.

However, there is a significant challenge in getting the public to understand the transportation funding system, which includes:

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Dave Huber

User Perspective from an Insurance Provider

A representative from the automotive insurance industry offered a viewpoint that vehicle mileage fees have to have a wide appeal and be generally understood by the users of the system.

A framework for a usage-based system from an insurance perspective may include:

To an insurer, usage-based fees have to have wide appeal and be applicable to most vehicles. Both the consumer and the insurance provider must benefit under a mileage fee system.

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