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Summary: Session 3
Policy Issues

Monday, June 13, 2011

KEN BUCKEYE, Moderator (Bio)
Minnesota Department of Transportation

ADRIAN MOORE, Panelist (Bio)
Reason Foundation

MARK MURIELLO, Panelist (Bio)
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

MARK BURRIS, Panelist (Bio)
Texas A&M University

TERRI BINDER, Panelist (Bio)
Club 20

This session focused on the significant challenges related to MBUF implementation, including the fundamental purpose of mileage-based fees; complex multi-jurisdictional charging issues; and geographic, income and rural equity concerns.

Adrian Moore

Mileage Fees as a Revenue Replacement versus a Supplemental Revenue Source

High-level political leaders who champion MBUF run into extreme opposition and risk the possibility of losing their elective office. In response to questioning about the source of transportation finance, many senior-level congressional staffers did not comprehend that driving more equated to paying more in gas taxes.

Public Acceptance is a critical toward the implementation of mileage-based user fees.

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Mark Muriello

PowerPoint Presentation: Multi-Jurisdictional Charging, from the I-95 Corridor Coalition

Mileage-based user fees have numerous issues from a fee collection administrative standpoint:

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Mark Burris

PowerPoint Presentation: Geographic and Income Equity

An equity evaluation on mileage-based user fees was done on potential users within the State of Texas. An assessment was made in replacing the fuel tax with a mileage-based fee using national household travel survey data, weighted to reflect all households in Texas. The principal conclusions from the evaluation were:

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Terri Binder

PowerPoint Presentation: Rural Issues

Rural users from Colorado had the following perspective on a transition to a mileage-based system:

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