As of September 1, 2012, the University Transportation Center for Mobility (UTCM) is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived UTCM website remains available here.

UTCM FY09 Projects

The list of projects funded in FY09 appears below. These projects total nearly $1 million, span all UTCM's focus areas and include projects in research, education and technology transfer. The projects include collaborative efforts of researchers and students across TTI, the Texas A&M campus and beyond.

UTCM Research Projects - FY09
Name Location Title Co-PIs Co-PI Locations
Burris, Mark Civil Engineering The Impact of Gas Prices on Toll Road Use none none
Darbha, Swaroop Mechanical Engineering Multiple Depot Vehicle Routing with Applications to Paratransit and Rural Transportation Luca Quadrifoglio Civil Eng
Goodin, Ginger TTI - Austin Mileage-Based User Fees – Defining a Path toward Implementation (Phase 1) none none
Goodin, Ginger TTI - Austin Mileage-Based User Fees – Defining a Path toward Implementation (Phase 2) none none
Lomax, Tim TTI Improving Mobility Information with Better Data and Estimation Procedures Bruce Wang TTI
Neuman, Michael Landscape Architecture Texas Urban Triangle: Creating a Spatial Decision Support System for Mobility Policy and Investments that Shape the Sustainable Growth of Texas Elise Bright
Curtis Morgan
Landscape Arch
Qu, Teresa TTI Investigating the Effect of Freeway Congestion Thresholds on Decision-Making Inputs none none
Saginor, Jesse Landscape
Leveraging Land Development Returns to Finance Transportation Infrastructure Improvements Eric Dumbaugh
David Ellis
Landscape Arch
Wu, Ximing Agricultural Economics Statistical Analysis of Waterway Network Congestion: Causes and Costs Steve Fuller Ag Economics
Zietsman, Josias TTI Performance Measures for Sustainable Freight Movement Mohamadreza Farzaneh TTI
Puckett, Darryl TTI - Houston Bluetooth‐Based Travel Time/Speed Measuring Systems Development none none
Wang, Bruce Civil Engineering Estimating the Value of Freight Delays in the Freight System none none

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UTCM Technology Transfer Projects - FY09
Name Location Title Co-PIs Co-PI Locations
Arndt, Jeffrey TTI Facilitating Creation of Rural Transit System Technology User Groups none none
Beaty, Curtis TTI - Dallas Development of an Enhanced Toll Project Screening Model none none
Cherrington, Linda TTI - Galveston Transit Leadership Initiative none none
Cole, Richard TTI The Transportation Economy: Past & Future David Dennis TTI
Geiselbrecht, Tina TTI - Austin A Guide to Transportation Funding Options (Phase 2) none none
Jasek, Debbie TTI Facilitating Outreach Programs for Minority Students in Rural South Texas none none