As of September 1, 2012, the University Transportation Center for Mobility (UTCM) is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived UTCM website remains available here.

UTCM Final Reporting Instructions

Final Reporting Forms

Instructions - Printable copy of this page
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UTCM Documentation of Leverage Form
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Technical Report Documentation Page
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Submission Deadline

All final reporting documents (leverage, project monitor approval and final technical report) are due to the UTCM office within 45 days after the termination date of your project.

UTCM Documentation of Leverage

_____ Preparation: For leverage on your project that was provided from any source, university, public or private, you must document that this leverage was provided. This form is required whether or not you documented a leverage commitment with your Formal Proposal. You are required to document leverage each September 15th; at this time, you should report any leverage not previously confirmed; this form is not cumulative. For each leverage source, complete a Documentation of Leverage form (see box, top right). If you need to know what leverage you promised in your proposal, or what leverage has been confirmed to date, please contact Martha Raney Taylor.

_____ Submission: Submit one hard copy to the UTCM of each leverage form within 45 days after the termination date of your project. Include all signatures and attachments. This documentation is to be submitted separately from the UTCM Final Technical Report.

UTCM Final Technical Report

Review Requirements

_____ Project Monitor Review: Final Technical Reports for all research projects must be reviewed and approved by the Project Monitor prior to submission to the UTCM office.

_____ Editing: All Final Technical Reports must be edited by TTI Publication Services prior to the submission deadline to the UTCM office. TTI Publications will assist with formatting your report to UTCM standards and provide editorial assistance to the text. Costs for editing will be paid by the UTCM, not by your project. Submit your report as a MS Word document to Michelle Benoit in TTI Publication Services at least 10 days prior to your due date (i.e. approximately a month after your project termination date). Indicate that you are submitting a UTCM final report for editing. Significant editorial changes or longer reports (>80 pp) may require more editing time.

Submission Requirements

The following items should be submitted electronically:

_____ Final Technical Report: After your Final Technical Report is edited by TTI Communications, please submit it in one complete file in MS Word format. Submit via e-mail to Martha Raney Taylor no later than your 45 days after your project termination date. Large files (>5M) may be uploaded to the TAMU Filex file sharing site at This site requires a TAMU NetID.

_____ Project Monitor Approval: Documentation of the Project Monitor's approval (i.e. Project Monitor comments) must be submitted with your Final Technical Report no later than your 45 days after your project termination date. Correspondence by e-mail between the PI and the Project Monitor is acceptable. 

Report Components

Report Cover

Your report does not need to include a report cover. The UTCM has a standard report cover (front and back) that will be added to your report (view a sample report cover here PDF document - For best results, view PDF files with the most recent version of Adobe Reader ).

DOT TRDP (Technical Report Documentation Page)

Form DOT F 1700.7 (8-72). This one-page summary form (see box, top right of this page) is required as the cover page of all DOT reports, including your Final Technical Report. Use the form "as is", filling in ONLY the highlighted areas with information specific to your project. Do not alter any other fields of the form. TTI Communications can assist you with this form.

_____ Project Number: Your project number can be found here or here.  It appears below your project title.

_____ Number of Pages: Once your report is properly formatted, the last page number of the report should be entered here. Note that page numbering EXCLUDES the covers and the DOT TRDP.

_____ Abstract: You may compose a new abstract or use the abstract from the RiP database if it fits in the space provided.  If you use your RiP abstract, carefully review and update any language or verb tenses to reflect that this is an abstract of completed work. You can link to your RiP abstract here or here.  Click on the RiP number.

Final Technical Report Text

_____ Blank Page (no page number) This page will print on the back side of the Technical Report Documentation Page above.

_____ Title Page (This is Page 1 but do not print the page number)

_____ Disclaimer (Page 2, printed on the back of Title Page):
"The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein.  This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of the Department of Transportation, University Transportation Centers Program in the interest of information exchange.  The U.S. Government assumes no liability for the contents or use thereof."

_____ Acknowledgment (Page 2, printed on the back of Title Page):
"Support for this research was provided in part [include "in part" as appropriate] by a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, University Transportation Centers Program to the University Transportation Center for Mobility™ (DTRT06-G-0044)." Include other acknowledgments as appropriate.

_____ Table of Contents (Page 3) If TOC ends on an odd page, include a blank, numbered page to print on the back.

_____ List of Figures and Tables (Begin on the next odd page number) Include as needed. If this list ends on an odd page, include a blank, numbered page to print on the back.

_____ Note on Color Figures Black-and-white hard copies of UTCM reports are distributed to national libraries. If you choose to use color figures in your report, your figures may not be readable in black and white. Therefore, UTCM recommends the use of black and white figures and/or high contrast colors and unique markings that will make figures legible in black and white. If you choose to include color figures, the following statement is to be included under the "List of Figures" title:

NOTE: Color figures in this report may not be legible if printed in black and white. A color PDF copy of this report may be accessed via the UTCM website at, the Texas Transportation Institute website at, or the Transportation Research Board's TRID database at

_____ Executive Summary (Begin on the next odd page number) Begin on the front side of the paper and do not exceed five pages.  This summary should be suitable for separate publication and should be written for a lay audience.  You may submit this summary in advance to Martha Raney Taylor for review of its suitability for a lay audience. If ending on an odd page, include a blank, numbered page to print on the back.

_____ Final Report (Begin on the next odd page number) Give a complete description of the following elements, arranged in any manner the PI finds appropriate (combined chapters or individual chapters).  Completely document all data gathered, analyses performed and results achieved.  Chapters do not begin on new pages. If ending on an odd page, and there will be appendix material to follow, include a blank, numbered page to print on the back.

_____ Appendices (Begin each appendix on the next odd page number) Include as needed.


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_____ Page numbers: Print a page number at the bottom center of every page, beginning with the title page as Page 1 and numbering all pages in sequential order after that. Use all Arabic numerals, and print all page numbers, even if the page is blank, except as noted above for the Title Page.

_____ Spacing: Single spacing only; double space between paragraphs

_____ Printing: Double sided, bound copies of your report are sent to libraries, authors, etc. Ensure that your report will print correctly with odd pages on the front, even pages on the back.

_____ Justification: Left

_____ Margins: 1" all sides

_____ Use of Color: The PDF that is posted electronically on our webiste and others will reflect color used in any figures/tables, but printed copies sent to libraries, authors, etc., will be black and white. Therefore, ensure that all figures and tables that use color are clearly readable in black and white.

_____ Font: Any generally available and readable font is acceptable.  Suggestions:

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