As of September 1, 2012, the University Transportation Center for Mobility (UTCM) is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived UTCM website remains available here.

Strategic Plan FY06 - FY09

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II. Program Activities

   A. Research Selection

   B. Research Performance

   C. Education

   D. Human Resources

   E. Diversity

   F. Technology Transfer

Appendix A. Baseline Measures for UTCM


F. Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Goal:

Availability of research results to potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized, or otherwise applied.

F.1. Baseline Measures

See Appendix A for Technology Transfer Baseline Measures

F.2. Technology Transfer Program Outcome

By the end of the grant period, UTCM research and education programs will have delivered timely information to the people who can use it. This may be in the form of a paper published in a refereed journal, presentation at or sponsorship of a conference, development of a workshop, course, or seminar, or acquisition of patents. Also, newsletters, the website and press releases will have been used to keep interested parties up to date on the programs of the center. Innovative T2 activities will be encouraged and supported by UTCM. 

F.3. Planned Activities

The planned T2 programs of the UTCM include activities required by the terms of the UTC grant and activities specific to our center.
During the grant period, UTCM will perform the following required T2 activities:

Other T2 activities planned for UTCM may include the following:

Working with The Center for Professional Development (CPD), UTCM will seek opportunities to collaborate on T2 activities. These may include webinars on congestion and mobility topics of UTCM, and short courses for working transportation professionals.

F.4. Performance Indicators

One of the anticipated synergies of the UTCM and SWUTC is the benefit of SWUTC’s experience in collecting and documenting the information needed for performance indicators. This relationship will be utilized to the fullest in meeting the report requirements for UTCM’s grant.

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